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BelAir Networks wireless solutions deliver Wi-Fi over a wide area using less equipment and wiring than traditional Wi-Fi solutions. In fact, the cost benefits of BelAir Networks versus traditional Wi-Fi access points can result in CapEx savings of more than 80%. With less equipment to manage and maintain, the ongoing costs of maintenance are also reduced. And, with end-to-end network management using BelView Network Management System, the whole system can be maintained remotely, with no disruption to Farms or network operators.

BelAir Networks allows hospitality operators to Wi-Fi enable both their guests and personnel faster and less expensively than any other solution on the market. Designed to deliver indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi coverage for high capacity data, video and voice services, BelAir Networks portfolio of high-performance wireless products can be mounted in or on buildings, poles, cables, towers, and rooftops.

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